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In 2014 Sisters, Wesley and Kyla, created this scholarship opportunity for incoming high school seniors with the goal of continuing education around the importance of positive body and self image especially as a teen. 

2018 marks new ventures for A Mile in my Shoes. The “Mile in My Shoes” team is launching a year-long community education/media campaign to increase awareness and compassion for our most vulnerable neighbors who are sleeping outside, in their cars or are couch hopping as a way to stay off the streets in our community. We will capture and share stories, create opportunities for respective community dialogue, dive into causes for homelessness and promote concrete solutions that serve those in need and our larger community as a whole. Please contact us to learn more. Donations and sponsorships will go towards this years campaign. 

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Please make your check payable to the Community Foundation or donate online HERE. A “Mile In My Shoes” operates under their fiscal umbrella and they will provide you with a tax-deductible receipt for your donation.

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