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We are sisters.

This is our core and strength of Photo Divine. If you are wondering how we can be in business with family we will tell you this… If we fight, we make up. If one of us doubts, the other one trusts. We buy each other lunch and bring each other coffee. We vent, we bitch and we laugh until our guts hurt. We take turns complaining and giving advice. We have the same parents and therefore most of the same problems, most of the same memories and for the most part (thanks to Jed, Steve, Odin, Asher, Mae and Lew) the same joys. Most importantly, we are loyal as hell and to have someone that you can always lean on is to have everything.

who we are


2018 marks a shift for "A Mile in my Shoes" as the focus expands from a scholarship program for high school seniors to a platform to share and create change around a variety of issues in our community. The new "A Mile in my Shoes" team are exploring the possibility of addressing different issues each year, this year engaging in stories of those without a home. The launch of our "A Mile in my Shoes" Homelessness Campaign is April 22, 2018 at the Fort Lewis College Ballroom. All are welcome to attend.Type your paragraph here.

Wesley is taking this year off to full time "Mom." The team for this event and year-long campaign includes Mandy Winn, Jenn Lopez and Heather Martinez. Jenn has been working on the issue of homelessness for the past six years, which included a three-year appointment in the Hickenlooper Administration as the Director of Homeless Initiatives. She now develops and consults nationally on housing solutions for persons experiencing homelessness. Mandy, owner of Celbrations Events and Design brings her years of experience working in Durango and her compassion towards those without homes since she herself experienced homelessness as a teen. Heather is an appreciative Inquiry facilitator and visual practitioner helping groups have breakthrough conversations and achieve their goals through strategic visualization.

Our Inspiration.

Our mom was so many beautiful things: a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, a grandmother and a friend. She thrived. She struggled. She loved to learn. She is our inspiration for our work and how we parent. She was so proud of us for pursuing the need for education around positive body and self-image. She completely adored the fact that we created a scholarship encompassing photography and creative writing to empower students ~ our mom was a passionate, well loved and respected teacher. Perhaps, without knowing it, her most valuable lesson to us is the importance of self-love. May she be remembered for her bravery, her strength and her unconditional love. Her legacy will live on in the Judi Jackson Scholarship Fund created in her honor.